Taiwan in 30 pictures

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Dear Taiwan,

It all started out in November last year, when I saw you for the first time. I will never forget our first encounter at the airport. You asked me for how long I want to stay and I was too shy to tell you the whole truth. I didn’t had an ongoing ticket and no travel plan – but at the immigration we were talking more about where I am coming from than where I want to go afterwards… and you seemed to be more interested in my hair than in my passport.

It was heavily raining when we met the first time – and it didn’t stopped for two weeks. It was cold and I was standing in the rain, no clue where to go. You didn’t knew me but you saw that I  don’t know the way, so you took me by your hand and showed me where to go. You made me believe that there is always a way, that there are always people who help.

I was coming from a place where it was sunny all day long and I had almost forgotten how a cloudy sky looks like. If anybody would had told me before, how your weather is in the winter, I am not sure if I would have visited you. But I didn’t had any expectations, so I was not very disappointed about the rough weather and we could get to know each other.

Do you remember the morning of New Years Eve? When we were standing with all those people at the cliff, listening to the drum players, waiting for the first sunrise of the new year, the wind was blowing so strong that we could barely stand on our feet, that we could not understand a word anymore. But we trusted each other already so much that a smile was enough to know that we enjoy this beautiful first morning of the year.

Our different language still separate us, sometimes you don’t even understand what I would like to eat. But you never let me be hungry and I know that you always have a place for me to sleep and that you always have something new to show me. If I again don’t understand what you are asking me, we just laugh. Sometimes we used our hands and feet to talk, sometimes we needed a dictionary and sometimes we needed somebody to translate. And even if I still don’t speak your language, even tough I cant read your writing: I am in love with you.

There where so many situations when you smiled at me and made me feel at home. There where so many beautiful days at the beach, in the mountains, on the road that we shared… There where so many unique moments when you showed me your hospitality… All those moments, all those beautiful encounters with your culture are the reason that I fall in love with you. In each one of those moments, every time when you showed your interest in me and made my curiosity light up, you made the thought to stay here grow.

But you know it from the beginning. And I knew it even better. Sometimes we both tried to forget about it – but soon the day was coming closer when I had to leave again. I never heard this sentences so often than in the last weeks: Follow your heart. So I do. So I leave. My curiosity made me come and meet you. And the same curiosity will make me go again.

A few months ago I would have said that I am traveling because I still haven’t found what I am looking for. Now I say that I am traveling exactly because I have found what I was looking for: The encounters with your friends Indonesia, Singapur, Malaysia, Thailand and the Philippines made me feel more and more alive. More and more awake. My eyes are wide open and I hear my heart beating again. Now I don’t travel because I want to go somewhere. I just travel for the sake of traveling. I just move for the sake of moving. I want to feel the wind in my hair and the sun on my skin. I want to breath the air of every place in this wonderful world. I just want to be.

Thank you so much for the wonderful time we shared, thank you for your outstanding hospitality, thank you for your love. You always told me to follow my heart. Thats what I am doing now and thats why I go again to catch another plane. With a tear in my eye and a smile on my lips I am leaving you for Kathmandu, Nepal.

See you again sometime, Daniel


Smog and dirt in the air and bad weather for days and days. Arriving in Taipei I did not expected that I would fall in love with Taiwan 🙂

Even the sunset doesn’t really help to make Taipei a nice place. But I don’t like cities in general.

Also the weird food didn’t exactly helped to make me feel comfortable in the beginning.

With the cable car I tried to escape the city life of Taipei.

And finally I moved out of the smog from Taipei and started to explore the island.

From almost white….

…to almost black beaches: Taiwan has it all!

Even a cloudy day…

…after a night at the bonfire…

…might bring you a nice sunrise!

Rough weather, rough sea, lovely people: Taiwan in the wintertime

The result of a bottle of whiskey…

The south of Taiwan is very different to the north: Much more relaxed and always a bit crazy 😉 Welcome to “Marcs Bar”

The crew and guests at Rainbow Wave Surf Hostel in Kenting. The lovely taiwanese people are the main reason why I enjoyed my stay so much!

Road tripping for ten days at the east coast

Amazing dragonflies…

…and huge butterflies want to be discovered!!

A grave yard in the middle of nowhere that I found while getting lost in the mountains with the motorbike.

Impressive (and a bit touristy) dance performance from the hill tribes who are still living a laid-back life in the mountains.

A harbor at the west coast: Much more developed and not very nice compared to the east coast and the south.

But also on the west coast you will find some quite nice spots!

Definitely cute enough to gain a piece of my orange

Man vs. nature. Nature wins.

Man vs. nature part 2. Men wins.

Hiking at forbidden trails in the Taroko national park.

Beautiful clear (and ice cold) rivers.

The Taroko gorge.

A big hug to you Eilyen, I will never forget the time we spent together!

See you again Taiwan!



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