Singapore at night

Is there even daylight? Partying consecutively for five days I saw every major club in Singapore but I didn’t saw too much daylight. After being in Indonesia for two months, Singapore was a refreshing experience. I expected Singapore to be quite different to the rest of South East Asia. But still I wasn’t planing to go there almost only for the nightlife. It might be a country with a lot of rules but behind closed doors people are having a lot of fun!


I tell you, the nightlife is great there! I met Charlene on couchsurfing before I went to Singapore and she wanted to show me some food places in her city. Yep, we also had good food, good conversation and we laughed a lot. But for most of the time we found ourselves dancing the night away in one of the fancy clubs with a cold Long Island ice tea in our hands. We went to Altitude, which is located at the highest building in town (where it is worth going only for the view), we went to Living Room (which might be the most expensive place in town) and we went to Zouk (which is where all the locals go and where we had most fun). Thanks you so much for bringing me out, we had a great time and I hope we will meet again!


The first day I arrived I went straight to Bunchostel in Little India. I got an invitation from Winnie who is working at this place. She asked me to come over for two days what I intended to do. In the end I stayed the whole time there and at the moment we are sitting in a bus heading together to Kuala Lumpur. She wants to get out of Singapore for some days and I had no plan where I would like to start traveling Malaysia so we decided to go to KL and explore the city.


Already the first evening in Singapore was very nice, Winnie had some friends from the US staying at here place and she prepared barbecue for us. After a while she invited more and more people to join us and so we were around fifteen people sitting together, having the time of our lives, drinking loads of beer that Winnie didn’t stopped to hand us and exchanged travel stories. Since it was already 3 am when we finally went to bed, the next day started pretty late for most of us and my Singapore jet-beer-lag began. Also a big thank you to Winnie, your hospitality is overwhelming!

Singapore is a magnificent city with lots of possibilities to take great snaps. Hungover from the last night I overslept almost every day so you might have already noticed that all the pictures I took  where nightshots. Finally I got rewarded for bringing a tripod…


Considering all the rules that Singapore has, the people are pretty relaxed about it. When we where sitting on the street with around hundred other people, drinking and playing games, a police car stopped by. I was getting a bit nervous thinking about all the fines I heard about before. But in the end everybody just went away for some minutes to please the officers and to come back after a while. Also you can smoke almost everywhere in public, you can cross the street without getting fined and I saw a lot of drunken people behaving not only on in the best way without getting fined. So stay relaxed when you go to Singapore, it is not that bad at all!


One thing that you might keep in mind when you fly to Singapore is that some medicine which you might be allowed to carry into every other country in the world will bring you in serious trouble here. Especially strong painkillers and some sleeping pills will be handled like drugs and if there is a reason why you need to carry them with you, you need to ask for a permit before you enter the country.


There are more myths about Singapore, people consider it to be a very expensive city and tend to skip it while traveling in this area. While it is true that you can spend basically endless money on a big hotel room or at a touristy restaurant is also possible to get a very good meal for under 5 S$ and to find a hostel around 20 S$ per night. You want to stay for free? Keep in mind that you can go couchsurfing! The only thing that is really expansive is buying alcohol in Singapore. A beer can cost you easily 10 S$ or more so you better find this loaded guy in the club who invites you to this 5L bottle of whiskey. But dear, the hangover will be so bad…


I definitely want to come back here, but this goes for every place I’ve been to yet. Traveling is as much about leaving a nice place you like as it is about arriving at the next beautiful place you don’t know yet. Singapore it is a place that you should not miss when you are traveling Asia: Absolutely different to the surrounding countries it is great experience for some days.

To see Singapore at daylight, to see the gardens and parks (look at the picture with the druggy colors – what looks like from the movie avatar it is a man-made garden which they light up at night), to see Chinatown and to find even cheaper food places is the mission for next time. And to meet Donovan: He also invited me to see him in Singapore but I couldn’t make it this time, sorry for that. Till then: Keep it up guys, you are living in a great town!



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