Ubud – Just an ordinary day

I am lazy! Maybe the most laziest travel blogger ever… But I consider myself still being on vacation and I wouldn’t call it “traveling” what I am doing in the moment.

But step by step I am moving out of my comfort zone, away from hotels to bed&breakfast accommodations, from dorms to small homestays and as soon as I am in Singapur (next week) I will start couchsurfing.

But anyway, let me tell you a little bit about the last days. Should we start with some pictures? I guess thats the best way to get a feeling of whats going on around Ubud (Bali)…

There are old people…

…and young people.

There are rice field with rice…

…and rice fields without rice.

There are funny masks…

…and scary masks.

There are small restaurants…

…and large restaurants.

There is amazing food…

…strange food…

…and food made with love.

There are breathtaking landscapes…

…and more breathtaking landscapes…


I could go on posting landscapes for a while…20140801_074800

…but this should be enough.20140731_123509

There are yellow stones…

…and colorful stones.

There are big monkeys…

…and small monkeys.

There are sporty monkeys in the forests…

…and sporty monkeys in the hills 🙂

And there is me.

Even if the saying goes that a picture tells more than a thousand words I would like to say a few words about a random day in Ubud. There is nothing spectacular happening in this town, so don’t expect too much. At the night time you won’t even find a bar open after 11pm. But there is a reason why I like this place, in a few minutes you will understand…

Monday. Early monday morning. Birds are chirping, kids are running around screaming, a motorcycle is making an ear-battering sound. Seems that it is time to get out of bed.

Still drowsy I get up, sit in front of my room and ask the housekeeper for a coffee. She nods and smiles. A few minutes later she serves me her special Bali coffee: One third of the cup is filled with coffee powder, one third is filled with sugar. Of course it is topped with some drops of (sometimes hot) water. I open up my Macbook and have a look in the news. Some plains crashed, some hundred civilian got killed in the Gaza conflict and some animals species got extinguished last night. Nothing spectacular. I sip at my coffee.

The housekeeper comes back to lay some flowers next to my computer, what a nice gesture! They do this everywhere here to keep away the bad spirits. Or to…whatever.


Maybe I didn’t had enough magic flowers with me a few days ago while I was visiting the monkey forest. One of those cheeky animals decided to jump on my head, trying to steal my scarf. After I didn’t agreed with that, he decided to bite me in my finger. What an asshole.

People told me that I could get the rabies from that. Chances are little to get infected by a monkey but if you get rabies it is always fatal. The day after I decided to go to the hospital to get a post exposure treatment as well as antibiotics. Right, the antibiotics, I need to take them now.

I leave the homestay to buy a bottle of water and guess what: Even on the motorbike I find some flowers attached to. With around 600 fatal accidents on Bali every year it seems I could really need them.


I started driving but I never made it to the supermarket. It wasn’t the most complex plan but life decided again to lead me somewhere else. Actually it was me, deciding to stop by at a small art store, where they sell guitars and instruments. Nobody was inside the shop, so I started to play a little bit on the guitars. The owner from the store appeared out of nowhere and asked if he could help me.

I told him that I wasn’t really interested in buying a guitar but we started a conversation. A minute later he brought a didgeridoo and a drum and I found myself sitting in front of the store jamming together with this dude.

He was totally friendly and invited me to come over to his house and see his family. So we did. He showed me his place which actually looked more like a art gallery than like a home and introduced me to his siblings.



“You want a coffee?”


So we sat down, smoked, talked, had a coffee.

“You want to eat?”

“Why not…”

So we sat down, had some rice with eggs and water spinach and talked more…


The hours went by and he had to go back to his shop but I was already sitting there with his brother, again chatting and exchanging thoughts. We talked about the differences in our cultures, about the difference in wages and expanses, about the difference in education and religion. He told me that he is coming from Bandung and invited me to visit his hometown in Java. He also told me that coming from Bandung is completely different than coming from Java – despite the fact that Bandung is in the middle of Java…

I don’t remember exactly why we started to talk about the Tanah Lot temple but he offered me to go with me there. We left and stopped by at another house and visited a friend from him. Everybody was going for a short nap before we had a coffee and prepared ourselves to go to the temple. After a suicidal ride to the west of Bali we shot some pretty amazing pictures from Tanah Lot and tried do go back to Ubud.


My bike broke down first, but it was fixed in a few minutes.


The second bike broke down a while later and this time there was no chance to repair it – The chain was broken, we where in the middle of nowhere and it was already nighttime.

But never underestimate the Indonesian creativity! Iman asked me “Can you push?” and I was not sure what to answer. We changed seats and he started to literally push the other bike back home, which looked like this:


Around one and a half million turns later we arrived back in Ubud. It was already in the middle of the night and after falling in me bed it took me only seconds to fall asleep. What a day again!

Ubud is certainly no place to party and it is no place for people who need to be entertained 24/7. But if you are looking for a relaxed time, if you feel well being surrounded by beautiful nature, lots of artists and friendly local people you might like Ubud.

If you are just passing by and decide to stop in Ubud for two or three days you might not understand why so many traveler fall in love with this place. While it took me only minutes  to like Ubud it took me more than a week to know why.



  1. August 9, 2014

    Ich habs dir doch gesagt… Du wirst ubud lieben 🙂

  2. samuelaa vanderazz
    September 26, 2014

    Bali is Dewata island

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