Back home for a day

Spain, Barcelona, Beach, Sun, 34°C… Only two weeks ago I was living in the forest in the Himalayans in northern India and only a few hours ago I left Germany to travel Europe. I moved to fast and the first days in Spain it takes some minutes after I wake up in the morning to know in wich country I am. Every dream is reflecting memories from the journey – a journey that hasn’t ended with coming back to Europe.

Besides the change in altitude (2980m) and distance (~7000 km) the change in people, culture and nature is amazing. It is a good thing to experience differences – and the differences between Asia and Europe are everywhere to see, feel, smell, hear and touch now.

Still in Himachal Pradesh, in the north of India, I decided to travel to Europe. Without much of a plan, I contacted Dennis who asked me to join a tour with the motorbike to Portugal. Nico was already in Spain, working with some people to refit an old sailing boat. And Lars just came back from the Netherlands where he was working on his new boat, the boat that, so he told me, will bring him, Nico and me across the Atlantic ocean to South America next Summer.

So much to the no-plan plan.

Again life feels more lightweight after moving so far. Everything seems to be possible in the right moment – and the right moment seems to be always now. All the possibilities are out there and what is more fun than chasing them?

We are here to participate, to ride this wave of opportunity called life and to create our own dream out of this endless sea of possibilities.

All that being said, I feel that I am only very slowly arriving here – it will take a while to adapt to the rules and differences again. Much of what people do in our society does indeed look a bit silly to me at the moment, actually so silly that life sometimes looks staged to me. At a lot of things I can smile now, where I would have been angry about before. And I definitely did learn to appreciate things which I took for granted when I was living in Germany before.

Writing seems again a good way to process the memories and to relive those uncountable beautiful moments that passed. I guess I will spend some time again playing around on the blog…

At the moment I am in Barcelona to relax for a few days and to gain some energy again. Next week I will start to travel from Spain to Portugal with backpack, hammock, tend and cooking gear, starting at the northern east coast of Spain, heading to the Pyrenees and hopefully meeting Dennis with his motorbike on the way soon…

 Greetings from Barcelona!



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